Why Can’t I Lose Weight? 26 Ways Your Diet is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss (& What to Do About It)

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Why Can’t YOU Lose Weight?

Are you experiencing difficulties losing weight? Do you do “everything right” yet you still can’t seem to shed your unwanted body fat? Are you looking for a REAL solution to your lack of weight loss? Want to lose weight quickly?

In the guide “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”, you’ll discover the 26 ways your diet is sabotaging your weight loss, most likely without you even knowing it.

You’ll also receive an action step for each sabotage that you can start doing immediately to kickstart your weight loss, as well as an Advanced Weight Loss Diet Blueprint to follow for your best shot at reaching your weight loss goals.

26 Ways Your Diet is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Look, if you’re searching for the “silver bullet” of weight loss – some tip that you haven’t heard of before but hoping it’s the answer to all your problems, it doesn’t exist, and this book may not be for you.

And if you’re looking for some long, drawn-out, run of the mill weight loss book that promises you the world then this definitely isn’t the book for you.

But if you are interested in a clear, succinct, and to the point weight loss guide without all the extra details and fluff – this guide is for you. I have deliberately made this guide shorter than my previous publications so you can get clear, actionable weight loss steps immediately without wasting your time on details.

You may indeed have seen some of these steps before, but if you’re here now because you STILL have extra weight to lose then you certainly haven’t taken them seriously.

Follow the Advanced Weight Loss Diet Blueprint and Begin Losing Weight Quickly – Starting Today

“Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” provides you with a step by step weight loss diet blueprint, that you can begin using immediately and start seeing positive weight loss results.

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By Author Susan J. Campbell, MS

I’ve been helping people to lose weight, increase their fitness levels, and improve their health using the latest scientifically proven exercise and nutrition methods over the last 15 years.

Since obtaining both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Exercise Physiology I’ve helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals by using the tactics I share in this guide.

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