KAZE SPORTS Premium Latex Resistance Exercise Bands (Set of 5)

KAZE Sports resistance band is an alternative to conventional free weights or elastic bands. It is also used in occupational therapy, orthopedics, pediatrics, sports medicine, home health care, geriatrics, hand therapy, and Chiropractic. The soft cushion handles on these Resistance Tubes are perfect for people who prefer a more cushioned grip.

Product Features

  • Allows for Greater Control Over the Resistance Weights. Bands can be combined for different resistance levels
  • Five Individual Resistance Band Set Is made with the Highest quality of Synthetic Rubber to ensure a maximum life
  • Band includes Black=2-4 Lbs, Green=5-8 Lbs, Red=9-12 Lbs, Blue=13-16 Lbs, Yellow=17-20 Lbs
  • Includes carrying bag and starter guide to help you with your home exercise
  • All KAZE Sports resistance bands come with manufacturer warranty

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