Diet Tip 101: Proper Nutrition, Hormones and Weight Loss

The best way to gain weight or to lose weight is to eat the right food in the right amounts. Yes, proper nutrition plays an important role in the body’s total well being. Dieting can be healthy. But it can go the opposite way so fast that you really have to focus on healthy living. This means knowing what affects the body’s metabolism, what is needed to burn calories and also the link between hormones and weight loss. It will also be helpful if you read what other dieters are doing by joining diet and health and fitness blogs and share your food diary or your weight loss plan.
Many other web sites claim to offer the best way to gain weight. What they really offer is products, pills and potions that they want you to buy. The best way to gain weight does NOT mean buying anything that you couldn’t find at a supermarket or local grocery store.

Truthfully, and I know I joked about it earlier, the best way to gain weight is to increase the amount of food that you eat. That does not mean that you should binge on those foods that you know aren’t good for you. There’s plenty of foods that are high in calories without being an unhealthy choice.

The first step in the best way to gain weight is to increase the frequency with which you eat. Instead of three meals a day, you want to increase that to five or six meals a day. The meals themselves don’t have to be big, but if you eat frequently, you keep your metabolism high, allowing you to put those calories to use.

The best way to gain weight includes re-considering the kinds of foods you do eat. The top concern is foods that are high in protein. These sorts of foods include meats and cheeses, other dairy products and legumes and nuts. Ideally, you’d be focusing on foods that are high in protein but low in fat.

However, this change in the quality of your diet will only work if you supplement it with some serious weight-lifting. Protein is not automatically used by your body. Protein helps fortify and repair muscles. If you don’t use and develop your muscles, your body will ignore the protein and your kidneys will filter it out of your body. Therefore, the best way to gain weight is to lift weights and lift them hard. You want to focus on the classic and full-body exercises: bench press, squats, chin-ups, deadlifts. These exercises push multiple muscle groups and maximizes the protein levels and increased muscle growth. Be careful to give yourself a day in between your weight sessions. This gives your body time to take the protein and repair and build your muscles. Obviously, your weightlifting sessions should be so intense and exhausting that you would need the day off in between. Also, be aware that as you lift regularly, your body become acclimated and the same levels of weights begin to provide less and less of a return. You need to be increasing the amount of weights every workout.