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Healthy Living Webinar: Asian Perspective Healthy Living

Healthy Living Webinar: Asian Perspective Healthy Living Videos on Fitness Food Health!

Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator Tian Zhou teaches us about healthy eating and living a balanced life with respect to diabetes from the …


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The 6 Keys: Unlock Your Genetic Potential for Ageless Strength, Health, and Beauty

Reverse the effects of aging and maintain optimal health for life through the revolutionary 6 Keys program by New York Times-bestselling author Jillian Michaels.

With Master Your Metabolism, Jillian Michaels showed us how to take control of the metabolic machinery underneath our weight and health struggles. Now she’s ahead of the curve again — conquering the mayhem, myths, and misunderstandings associated with aging. After all, if you can decide your weight, why not your age?

Scientists and doctors have identified six major age inciters:

  • metabolism
  • damaged macromolecules
  • epigenetics
  • inflammation
  • stress adaptation
  • telomeres
The 6 Keys presents an ageless health, fitness, and beauty plan that addresses all six of them — and gets them working for you instead of against you.
Empowering and rigorously researched, The 6 Keys outlines powerful lifestyle interventions, dietary guidelines, exercise plans, and vanguard strategies for cultivating mindfulness that restore and protect human performance, keeping you fit, healthy, and beautiful for life.


Sit and Be Fit-Senior Chair Exercise Workout, 2 DVD set, Seniors Fitness Video, Stretching, Aerobics, Strength Training, and Balance. Improve flexibility, muscle and bone strength, circulation, heart health, and stability, Developed By Mary Ann Wilson, RN

The Sit and Be Fit Workout features some of host Mary Ann Wilson’s favorite routines from the Public Television series. These exercises are designed to improve core strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, circulation and reaction time. A variety of light-hearted music combined with fun rehabilitative movements make this a fun and easy full-body workout for anyone. These programs are sure to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

Product Features

  • Fun rehabilitative movements.
  • Backed by light-hearted music.

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Easy, Tasty Paleo Recipes: Start Losing Weight Effortlessly Today, Feel Satisfied and Attain Vibrant Health with these Simple Guidelines and Exciting Recipes!


● All LL RECIPES SHOWING IN BOTH U.S UNITS AND METRIC MEASUREMENTS! No more headaches or conversion mistakes!

Inside this guide and Paleo Recipe cookbook you will discover how-to:

• Finally drop the weight effortlessly and permanently!

• Quickly understand ‘Paleo at a glance’ with these clear guidelines.

• Effectively switch to Paleo eating without the lengthy scientific jargon.

• Cook delicious easy-to-prepare meals for your friends and family… without robbing the bank!

• Create varied, exciting culinary delights and never get bored!

• And much much more…

The solutions you will discover inside can be the key to your weight loss and vibrant health journey…

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The Fresh 20: 20-Ingredient Meal Plans for Health and Happiness 5 Nights a Week

The Fresh 20, the popular budget-friendly meal-planning service founded by working mother Melissa Lanz, is now a cookbook, offering families an all-natural and easy approach to mealtimes.

Using just 20 organic, non-processed ingredients per week, home cooks can create 5 wholesome, delicious meals in just minutes. A busy home cook herself, Lanz understands the “What’s for dinner?” conundrum and has developed a program that gives parents healthy cooking options.

Inspiring and educational, The Fresh 20 is filled with gorgeous color photos, shopping lists that take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables, prep tips, and, of course, easy and delicious recipes — including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

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Vitamin C Dietary Supplements For The Best Life

Individuals at the moment are more aware about their physique and what it would need to be healthy. Nowadays everybody work cautiously to bring in the ideal Vitamins and Minerals and restore their body with the proper vitamins so that they have a good daily life. One particular needed antioxidant which has tons of advantages for you to lead a healthy living is Vitamin C. Eating foods loaded with this vitamin alone assures that you have improved muscle repair, stronger gum line and resistance from illnesses. People live in a hectic world and have to cope with home and job; this releases a hormone that is the best tension crusher. Bringing it in the food would shield from adverse impact of air-pollution and protects you internally.

Blood pressure is another basic issue amongst a lot of individuals and a daily usage of this vitamin could help to maintain it in control. The other advantages are keeping a tab on the cholesterol level, and preserving the healthier High-density lipoprotein in your system. The other positive aspects of vitamin C are shielding the human-body against dangerous viruses that cause cancer and maximize body’s disease fighting capability. This vitamin as well helps in accelerating the recovery of bruises and wounds in a reduced time frame. Absence of this vitamin could take a toll on your body movements; you might be prone to the common cold, arthritis and joint problems and bad digestive system.

Your body is an excellent apparatus and consuming quality foodstuff and health supplements helps in ensuring that it operates in the proper way. Lack of removing the toxic compounds in the body or bad digestive system will at best deteriorate the condition by gastric or stomach illness, one sign makes way for another. We all have distinctive requirements, an individual with an athletic physique and a normal lifestyle their needs are unique and they have to have the vitamin supplements appropriately. Drinking and smoking takes toll on the body and reviving the body with the suitable diet becomes a lot more obligatory.

Common guideline is to keep in mind when contemplating taking vitamin C through the food items you have is that the further lively your food is from healthy fruits and vegetables, the greater it’ll be in vitamin C. Even though fruits such as Citrus fruits really bring in sufficient provisions of vitamin C, nutrition-experts everywhere give preference to eating organic food items and having a vegetarian diet. Having this vitamin mainly from pure raw natural veggies wouldn’t be viable for the majority among us.

In order to take care of the day-to-day job load you need to confirm that you eat correctly and workout well. Vitamin C should be taken from one’s meal or in the form of nutritional supplements since these are easily available and can simply be ordered from the medical shops. It just needs a few seconds to eat these and you could be rest assured that you have the healthy nutrients in the required quantity. Specifically preparing meals and comprising Vitamin C recipes everyday could be a troublesome work and therefore these health supplements save your day. Choose the best vitamin supplements online and get benefitted immediately.