Making Healthy Smoothies for Kids

Kids are a whirlwind of activities. Their activities range from playing at home and the playground to their playing in school. Or if they’re a little bit older, then most of the day is spent in school. Starting them in the right path of eating should be every parent’s job since obesity is a growing problem especially in the US.

Making healthy smoothies for kids is a better alternative than a large diet soda and fries for their snack. Yes, when they’re out with friends, you don’t know what they eat, but if their home, fast healthy smoothies is the way to go.

Start them slow with an all fruit smoothie that has their favorite fruits. Do they love bananas? How about strawberries and blueberries? If you add either one to the banana smoothie, then you’re on to a different texture and taste than if you just used bananas,

Also, use skim milk or non-fat milk when making healthy smoothies for kids. You get all the nutrition and Vitamins in milk without the fat. As they get used to healthy smoothies for their snack, then add even more fruits like mango, mandarin oranges, papaya and pomegranate. The color that these fruits will add to your banana smoothie are just incredible and appealing. See you children’s eyes grow big with wonder when they get served a black and blue or an orange stripey smoothie!