Tacx i-Genius Virtual Reality Trainer

The i-Genius, Tacx’s top model, is unique. The combination of the sturdy frame and the Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced makes riding through the virtual worlds a real sensation. The i-Genius has a wireless motor brake with a computer-driven flywheel that generates high powers at low speeds. This makes the climbing of hills and mountains even more realistic. The i-Genius even features downhill drive. LED lights in the brake indicate the cycling speed and the power output. The communication between brake, VR interface and PC is wireless; the trainer itself has to be plugged into an electric point. The i-Genius Multiplayer includes the BlackTrack steering frame and a 1 year license for web racing; the i-Genius includes the Skyliner front wheel support.

Product Features

  • Supplied with Tacx Trainer software 4 advanced: Very advanced software with unlimited possibilities
  • 4 computer-animated Virtual Reality terrains, 2 criterium races and velodrome with game play against virtual opponents
  • Catalyst training programs with 3D display
  • Films of well-known races (optional)
  • Software licenses: Web racing 1 year

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