To simplify your life you have to weight your priorities

Should I do this? Should I do that?

Some people like the simplicity of rural life. Others turn to meditation.

Recently I was made aware of a book that promises to help you understand. How to simplify your life is a book touching many aspects of our life. Authors share their knowledge with us toward rather shocking conclusion.

I wont spoil you the surprise, but rather, I’d like to share some tips of my own I think you might find useful:

1/ To declutter, its good to start with your mind. Meditation can help, and is proven to have health benefits.

2/ Donate unnecessary clutter to charity. Or sell it on eBay.

3/ Start with a big items and make yourself more space in your bedroom and living room.

4/ Best simplify your life book ever (and this one just might be it) wont do you any good unless you start putting it into action. Start with a step you’re most comfortable with.

5/ Return to the nature. Take care of plants and animals, or just take a walk in a park.

6/ Decision time? Deciding wrong is usually lesser evil, than not deciding at all. Your shame will pass, but regret can last forever.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add to the list? What is your favourite way of staying healthy and keeping things flowing simply in your life?

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