HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training Explained

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is now widely acknowledged to be the single most advantageous form of exercise for a wide range of goals.

Whether your goals are improved fitness, weight loss, fat burning, toning up or to feel better about yourself, HIIT is superior to any other form of cardio exercise known to man.

HIIT works by using short duration high intensity sprints together with nice and easy walks or slow jogs. This makes the sprints extremely tolerable and enjoyable.

Yet few people use or even know about HIIT and its incredible power!

Find out just how effective interval training is and how it can be used in only a fraction of the time when compared to continuous training such as jogging at the same speed.

Discover the different forms of HIIT training and how best to use them.

Learn how to craft and make use of your own HIIT training designs, specifically to help you achieve your exercise goals in an incredibly quick time.

HIIT will change your life!

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