Cheers To Your Health: Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Healthy living requires a good look at your overall condition and then improving the areas that make you susceptible to illnesses and diseases. Are you overweight? Then make sure that you have a plan to lose weight. But more than a plan, make sure that you also have an eating strategy so you won’t feel hungry or deprived of food. These 2 factors will sabotage your weight loss.

It cannot be overlooked that if you want to practice healthy living, then you must stop smoking. There are many benefits to stopping smoking, but make sure that you choose one that you truly believe in. You will be surprised that many smokers still refuse to acknowledge that smoking can lead to cancer and heart problems. They create many other alternative reasons rather than really sift through the medical data that lists the many benefits of stopping smoking.

If you decide to stop smoking, then create your own stop smoking timeline so you know when you’ve reached certain milestones. Start with a significant date to stop smoking. Can it be your birthday or wedding? Absolutely! How about the New Year or your child’s first birthday? Any date that you will remember easily will help. This significant date is also for you to remember, when you look back, how hard it was but also realize how far you’ve come!

Suzanne Somers Thigh Master

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