Antibiotics Usage

Antibiotics can really help us when needed. However, they are not always the solution to our sickness. It can even harm us when we use them inappropriately. Some people are allergic to penicillin thus; it may be harmful to their body if they ingest amoxicillin.

Amazon ImageMost of the antibiotics today have two names: one came from the manufacturer of the drug and the other is its generic name, a name taken from its chemical composition.

You can distinguish the two by the first letter of its name. The capitalized name is usually a trade name whereas the non-capitalized name is its generic name.

We get infected because of bacteria, fungus and viruses.

If we have an illness due to bacteria like strep throat, antibiotics can ease and cure the infection. However, if the illness was due to viruses like colds and flu and fungus like ringworm, antibiotics will have no effect.

Thus, ingesting antibiotics for these diseases is pointless and costly. It may also produce antibiotic resistance bacteria. This means that the more we take in antibiotics inappropriately, the higher the chances of the bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are also known as super bugs due to the reason that a regular dosage of antibiotics cannot kill them. These bacteria can be dangerous because they can easily be passed within your family and friends. They can cause illnesses that are complicated and expensive to cure. Unfortunately, some illnesses caused by these bacteria are untreatable.

There exist such antibiotics which can serve only in treating infections induced by special kind of bacteria. Though there are also antibiotics, that greatly cope with a number of bacteria. Antibiotic medicines are not a means for treating the whole list of infection contaminations induced by bacteria.

Among bacterial contagions, that can be cured with antibiotic drugs, can be named otitis, inflammation of the lungs or sore throat. Doctor determines, whether you need antibiotic course or not, and if so, which exactly antibiotic will be the best for you, in accordance with the raction you have and to the clinical analyses.

When you are prescribed any type of antibiotic medication, remember to consult to your doctor about the whole range of actions that may occur while taking antibiotic medications. Most common side effects of antibiotic treatment can be stomach-ache, diarrhea and sickliness.

Also there exist situations when people suffered from allergic responses, such as tingling or exanthema, but sometimes there were troubles like heavy breathing. If while using antibiotic treatment, you have any of side effects, urgently consult your general practitioner.

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