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An Assessment of the Jump Manual -A Method For Enhancing Vertical Leap

Vertical leap is essential in many sports, and The Jump Manual is a course that demonstrates to you how to improve in this area. It is an ability that basketball players, and athletes in many other sports, are interested in developing. Every facet of vertical explosion is targeted in this training course. You will learn efficient ways to maximize every facet of your vertical jump. If you’re serious about boosting your jumping ability then you need to obey training principles that are true. As with any training course, the more you put into practice what you learn in The Jump Manual, the more you’ll get out of it.

This course provides you with information in a number of formats -printed material and also videos; it costs $67 and promises to return your money within 60 days if you are not completely satisfied. The instructional videos are quite useful, because they demonstrate the exercises so you can follow along. You also get individual coaching for 30 days and a lifetime access to a community forum for elite jumpers. There are also 2 interviews with experts in the field -Dave Hopla, an NBA shooting coach and psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn. You are guaranteed to attain no less than 10 inches in your vertical leap in just 12 weeks, so if that is what you want, you don’t have anything to lose with this training course.

The boasts that this training course can improve your vertical leap are backed up by several reliable testimonials. You can even get in touch with athletes who have gained between 10 and 25 inches through using this course. Everything you need comes with the training software, that is compatible with all computer platforms. The videos are extremely useful in demonstrating how exercises and stretches must be executed. Because nutrition is also important to get the best results, this is also discussed in greater detail. The coaching portion of the program enables you to have your questions answered via email whenever you wish.

The training course can be done without having access to a weight room, because alternatives are provided where the weight room is not needed. This training course is suitable for anyone who would like to be able to jump higher, so you needn’t be an aspiring basketball star. If you’re concerned that the training could be dangerous, there is a segment about preventing injuries and how to recover from them. There is no way to do away with the possibility of an injury, when playing high intensity sports, unless you sit on the sidelines. The Jump Manual will show you the most effective and safest way to train, which will help you cut down the risks of injuries.

The Jump Manual is loaded with helpful content, and it goes beyond teaching you to increase your vertical jump. The information you are given will talk about nutrition and how to prevent injuries. Any athlete can enhance his or her performance by studying the material contained in this program and putting it to good use.

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